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Suvilahti cultural centre - How to get here

Voimalaitos, building 1

Sörnäisten rantatie 22, 00540 Helsinki
Nearest metro station Sörnäinen

Other buildings 2–11

Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00540 Helsinki
Nearest metro station Kalasatama

Coming by public transport?

Please note! Changes to Metro services in summer: on 3.6.-1.9.2024 The Central Railway Station Metro Station will be closed and the Metro will not run through the city center. The Metro will terminate at the University of Helsinki (in the direction of East Helsinki) and Kamppi (in the direction of Espoo).

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Contact us

Kiinteistö Oy Kaapelitalo, Suvilahti office
Voimalaitos, building 1 (staircase E, 2. floor)
Sörnäisten rantatie 22
00540 Helsinki

Please note, our email addresses have changed 1.11.2023: firstname.lastname (at)

Property management

Jouni Kärki

Head of property
+358 (0)40 755 9911
On vacation 1.7.-2.8.

Helena Kinnunen

Property management assistant
+358(0)50 572 2775
On vacation 8.7.-2.8.

Riitta Perälä

Technical drafter
+358 (0)40 136 5977
On vacation 17.6.-5.7., 29.7.-2.8. & 27.8.


Markku Juslin

Technical coordinator
+358 (0)400 966 277
(Mon-Thu at 8-15, Fri at 8-13) - On vacation 1.-26.7. & 5.-9.8.

Matti Waara

Facility manager
+358 (0)40 709 8297
On vacation 29.7.-16.8.

Christer Westerberg

Construction coordinator
+358 (0)40 071 3586
On vacation 1.-28.7.

Jere Hyvärinen

Maintenance person
+358 (0)40 718 6676
On vacation 1.-14.7. & 29.7.-18.8.

Matias Santapakka

Non-military serviceperson
+358 (0)40 162 9411
(Mon-Fri at 7-15, on-site maintenance as needed)

Sales, event spaces


Katja Valpas

Event sales manager
+358 (0)40 751 5780
On vacation 1.7.-7.8.

Maiju Helpi

Event coordinator
+358 (0)40 152 9071
On vacation 19.6.-28.7.

Touko Kauppila

Festival coordinator 24.6.-19.8.
+358 (0)40 136 6373
Please note! between 24.6.-11.8. contact the festival coordinator regarding ongoing events at Suvilahti.

New booking inquiries for event spaces at Suvilahti are not possible on 1.-28.7. We will get back to booking inquiries after the holidays.


Anni Sundell

Community manager in Suvilahti
+358 (0)50 599 3221
On vacation 8.7.-2.8.


Karoliina Eerola

Communications manager
+358 (0)40 591 5005
On vacation 2.-24.7.


  • Outside parking in Suvilahti is chargeable.
  • Parking is permitted in designated spaces only. Parking spaces are marked with posts and with signs on the walls of the buildings.
  • The use of parking spaces in the area may be limited or the parking spaces may be out of use during outdoor events in Suvilahti. Check the parking possibilities in advance e.g. on the event's own website.
  • There are around 150 parking spaces in the area. There are also 6 disabled spaces and 2 EV rapid charging points (operated by the EV charging service) and 4  slow EV charging points (operated by Parkkisähkö Oy).
  • 3 hours free parking for everyone using a parking disc. After this the charge is €2 per hour or €16 per day.
  • Loading and offloading permitted for 15 minutes outside marked spaces throughout the area as long as loading or offloading does not impede other traffic.
  • Payment machine located on the south wall of Puhdistamo (building 6). Payment by credit card, mobile payment (EasyPark) and coins. Contactless payment also possible at payment machine. You can also get a ticket for the first 3 hours of free parking if you don’t have a parking disc.
  • Parking charges do not apply to motorcycles.
  • During the summer festival season at Suvilahti the payment machine may be within the fenced-off festival area. If you cannot get to the payment machine for this reason, you do not have to pay for parking.
  • Parking supervised by Smart Park Finland Oy.

EV charging points 

  • There are two charging points for visitors to Suvilahti on the wall of Kattilahalli and four slow charging points behind the building Voimalaitos (building 1).
  • The posts and sockets are public and can be used by everyone. The charging points are always open.

Rapid charging point:

  • The socket is Type 2 and the maximum power is 22kW.
  • The charging point is operated by the EV charging service. Register as a user of the Virta charging network to identify yourself, charge your vehicle and pay. You need your own cable to charge your vehicle.

Slow charging point:

  • The maximum power of the Schuko charging sockets is 3.7kWh. Slow charging involves leaving your EV to charge overnight. Using the charging service at the charging points costs €0.20 per kWh (incl. 24% VAT).
  • The charging points are operated by Parkkisähkö Oy. To start using the charging points, Suvilahti tenants can pick up a Parkkisähkö starter pack at Kiinteistö Oy Kaapelitalo’s Suvilahti office (Kaasutehtaankatu 1, building 10).
  • You can also order a starter pack on the Parkkisähkö website. Starter packs are free of charge and include an identifier tag and instructions for registration and use. You will need the Parkkisähkö mobile app to start charging.

Note: If an EV is parked at an EV charging point, it must be on charge. Otherwise the vehicle must be parked in an ordinary parking space.