Tuska 2022

TUSKA 2022
1.-3.7.2022, Suvilahti

Perhaps the finest Tuska program of all time is spearheaded by modern metal giants Korn and Deftones and simply legendary Merciful Fate. The best of Finnish metal is of course present, Amorphis, Stam1na and Insomium lead the way for domestic metal mayhem.

See the entire program, schedule and other relevant Tuska-related news at tuska.fi.

Fri at 13-01
Sat at 13-01
Sun at 14-23

From 109 € 1 day tickets
From 139 € 2 day tickets
From 169 € 3 day tickets
From 189 € VIP Area 51 day tickets
From 289 € 3 day VIP Area 51 tickets
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Photo: Jesse Kämäräinen