Oranssi ry: Activities in December


Oranssi aims to be a safer space.

No age limit // No intoxicants // No intoxicated behaviour.

Gigs and other events:

Fri 1.12. Säilä, Toinen Minä, Kalankasvattajat, Oselotti

at 18-22, tickets 6 €

Sat 2.12. Sonic Poison, Sickness, Unearthly Rites

at 18-22, tickets 10 €
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Wed 13.12. PUNKSTOO benefit gig: Kissa, Karkaisu, K.R.E.A.M

at 18-22, tickets 5-20 €, all proceeds are used for anti-violence work.
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Thu 14.12. Queer poetry night
at 18-21, ilmainen!

Fri 15.12. Prinssi Rohkea & Erämaan Rotat, Tiikerin Vuosi, Markus Perttula

at 18-22, tickets 7 € ​
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Sat 16.12. Filthfest: Caskets Open, Slugphlegm, Ilon Lapset, Harmer, Kettlehead, Lightsucker

at 16-22, tickets 10-15 €
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Thu 21.12. Walkers gig: Fennostana, Former, Whisper, Kyhiskessu

at 17-21, free of charge!

Continuous action:

On Tuesdays open circus / flow practice

at 18–22, free admission