Make Your Mark Gallery: Mikko Paakkonen - Penmanship


In this exhibition, artist Mikko Paakkonen delves into the intricate interplay between handwriting and painting. Rather than viewing handwriting solely as a conveyer of intentional information, Paakkonen transforms it into a dynamic form of mark-making and gesture. Within the realm of his canvases, writing takes on a new life – a series of expressive actions that leave a lasting imprint. Drawing inspiration from the energetic movements reminiscent of calligraphy classes in elementary school, Paakkonen skillfully wields strokes of varying speeds across different surfaces.

Mikko Paakkonen (b. 1990 Helsinki) lives and works in Finland. He has an MA from Academy of Fine Arts of Helsinki, and has exhibited in numerous solo exhibitions in Finland, Germany and Austria. He’s also been invited to participate in numerous group shows, including Mäntän kuvataideviikot.

Tue-Fri at 12-19
Sat at 11-16
Sun at 12-16

Free entrance!