Graffiti wall in Suvilahti


Suvilahti cultural centre is a constantly changing unique industrial milieu. The former power plant and gas plant built over 100 years ago includes nine buildings, two gasholders and a large yard area. All buildings are protected as valuable architecture.

The graffiti wall is opposite to Kattilahalli (Voimalaitos, building 1).

Rules for painting graffiti in Suvilahti:

  • Paint graffiti only on the appointed wall.
  • Do not tag or paint any other walls, structures traffic signs or other signs.
  • Do not disturb the painter next to you, the wall is for everyone.
  • You can paint where ever you want on the wall, but do not overpaint with tags only.
  • Take empty paint cans to trash. Half-empty cans must be disposed as hazardous waste.
  • Do not break bottles or glass.
  • Keep the wall area clean.
  • Do not disturb the tenants in the buildings or other people passing through the area.
  • By following the rules you ensure that street art have legal walls in the future too!

Welcome to paint!

Note: Due to the construction site of the City of Helsinki, part of the graffiti wall (construction-side wall) is out of use 10/2023-05/2024. Read more: