Cirko Partner Festival: OuNous Festival


NouNous is now the OuNous Festival! NouNous Festival, organised by Kallo Collective in Cirko since 2017, is a festival of wordless physical comedy. This year, surprisingly, in addition to comedy, there are also words! And when they break their own rules, the name has to change too. OuNous! 

This year’s package includes international guestsfrom Sweden and Spain in addition to talents from Finland.

Lotta & Stina: Twenty Years Later… Still Here!
An autobiographical show of two women’s wild joyride through two decades in the world of circus arts. 
VAL / Svalbard and Tom Brand
A performance and a light sculpture. 

Company Afterclap: Red Hot Condition
An energetic lycra and humour -flavoured performance that handles today’s fitness boom and the appearance pressures through contemporary circus and physical comedy.

Kapsel Company: Apparat
Juggling is used as a playful way to explore how humans interact with objects and the environment.

Into The Wild: Henni Kervinen ja Riina Tikkanen
A physical and visual theatre performance explores the ambivalent relationship humans have with the natural world. 

The festival’s own house artists work the whole week and give samples of their work on Saturday’s OuNous Soiree. Art and culture policy discussions are scheduled for the Thursday and Friday afternoons of the event.

12,50 € / 16,50 € / 18,50 € / 22,50 €
5 € / 10 € / 15 € Pay what you can -option in Maneesi