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1214 Apr 2018

12.-14.4.2018, Cirko - Center for new circus, Kojehuone (building 8), Suvilahti

Block Theatre
Abstract, geometrical wooden blocks come alive in Block Theatre and lead the audience into different worlds supported by puppeteer, music and sound design. Block Theatre performance is visual, sculptural puppetry play which wakes up the imagination.

Performance: Thu 12.4. at 10.15
Running time 30 min.
Suitable for ages 1+

Lee Lahikainen: Catacombes
Catacombes is a solo paper theatre performance that peeks into the history of the Paris catacombs. In the 1780s, the cemeteries of Paris were becoming overcrowded, and millions of bones had to be moved into former mines below the city. The set consists of an underground miniature world made of paper, shadows, surprising objects, spaces and characters.

Thu 12.4. at 12.00, 12.20, 12.40, 13.00, 17.00, 17.20, 17.40, 18.00, 18.20, 18.40
Fri 13.4. at 17.00, 17.20, 17.40, 18.00, 18.20, 18.40, 21.40, 22.00, 22.20, 22.40
Sat 14.4. at 15.40, 16.00, 16.20, 16.40, 17.00, 17.20, 17.40, 18.00, 18.20, 18.40
Please note: Catacombes is performed to one person at a time. The spectator will be collected from downstairs lobby. The performance is non-verbal.

Running time 10 min.
Suitable for ages 7+, younger with an adult

Aura of Puppets & Turun Kaupunginteatteri: Princess Hamlet

Thu 12.4. at 19
Fri 13.4. at 19

Running time 2 h 30 min.
Suitable for ages 13+

TEHDAS Teatteri: Siira’s Journey to Circus
A puppetry performance about a sensitive and shy Siira (isopod) who doesn’t dare to go out until the circus arrives to the Bug Forest. The journey grows into a jolly and touching story about how the shy creature gets courage and how it’s possible to find something from the world just for you, even if others think it’s not worth of trying.

Thu 12.4. at 9
Sat 14.4. at 13

Running time 40 min.
Suitable for ages 3+

Fillariteatteri: Makkarapiruetti
Makkarapiruetti by Fillariteatteri is combining puppetry, poetry and clovnery. It reaches minds of children and adults. Performance is playful, sharing the story and joy is important.

Thu 12.4. at 11.30
Sat 14.4. at 14

Krepsko Theatre Group: Kabaree Ocrik
Uniikki kabaree-ilta. Ocrik tarjoaa illuusioita, yllätyksiä, sirkushuveja, nukketeatterihelmiä ja elävää musiikkia.

Performance: Sat 14.4. at 19
Running time 90 min.
For Adults

10-25 €,

Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa, Siira's Journey to Circus