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2325 Mar 2017

23.3.-25.3.2017, Cirko - Center for new circus, Kojehuone (building 8), Suvilahti

Puppet network Aura of Puppets and Cirko start co-operating in a new mini festival. Aura of Puppets brings a variation of newest Finnish puppet shows for adults to Cirko.

Missing Amelia Earhart
A solo performance by Merja Pöyhönen. A blurred portrait of the creator’s visual double, the story gives us a peculiar explanation to one of the most mysterious disappearances of all time. This airy and somewhat humoristic play follows the footsteps of Amelia Earhart - the most important person in the world - with longing and admiration.

Thu 23.3. at 19.00
Fri 24.3. at 19.00
Sat 25.3. at 19.00

Suitable for 14 +
Running time 75 min.

Hellion's Spell - horror puppet mystical
The performance consists of puppetry and sound art, rough ritual and electronic incantation. This visual and near-wordless production revolves around two pagan instruments: the puppet and the bowed lyre. The sparse elements form a firm magic circle that draws from the tangibility of olden beliefs. 

Thu 23.3. at 22.00
Fri 24.3. at 22.00
Sat 25.3. at 22.00

Suitable for 18 +
Running time 45 min.

Only One Suitcase Allowed
A fusion of object theatre and live installation for one spectator at a time. A peep-show in which visitors peer into secret, miniature worlds; a drama about people who embark on a voyage against their will, not knowing where or how it will end. In the course of a journey to an unknown destination, a safe and familiar environment suddenly turns hostile. Step by step the world closes its doors and the female traveler is forced ever further from home. Inspired by the story of Anne Frank.

Fri 24.3. och Sat 25.3. at 17-21.30

Suitable for 14 +
Running time 15 min.

16,50 € / 27,50 €,

Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa