You are hereTapahtumia / Cirko Collaboration Festival: Baltic Circle

1317 Nov 2018

13.-17.11.2018, Cirko - Center for new circus, Maneesi, Kojehuone (building 8), Suvilahti

The international theatre festival Baltic Circle takes place in Helsinki on November 13-18, 2018. In Suvilahti:

A Kilo of Art (workshop)
Baltic Circle has been running a three-year initiative Impact Festival since 2016. The initiative produces and examines performances and discussions that focus on the social and societal dimensions of art and ways of making an impact through artistic work. The event is held in Finnish. English translation is available.

Wed 14.11. at 11
Running time 4 h (incl.lunch)

Free with pre-registration

Athena Farrokhzad: Reading
The evening hosted by literary magazine Kontur starts with a Q&A by scholar and activist Olivia Maury, followed by readings by Athena Farrokhzad (born in Teheran, lives in Stockholm) and invited poets.

Thu 15.11. at 19
Running time 60 min.

Free entrance.

Angela Goh: Desert Body Creep
More like a zombie than a phoenix, Desert Body Creep makes a case for transformation through a fantasy of decay. Things have learnt to walk that ought to crawl, and the next step is obviously to dance. Recasting fear and monstrosity, Desert Body Creep assembles a new form of philosophy based on sweet and tender nihilism.

Fri 16.11. at 20
Running time 60 min.

12 € / 20 €,
Angela Goh: Uncanny Valley Girl
The common history of women and machines gets new and confronting forms. Femininity and technology unite in the form of a fembot. Uncanny Valley Girl dives into the deepest depths of the uncanny valley– to the anxiety we feel in front of overly human-like machines.

Sat 17.11. at 20
Running time 60 min.

12 € / 20 €,

Festival Club 
The joint festival club of Baltic Circle and What the Cirk? is all about groovy music and friendly atmosphere. Housed in Cirko's Maneesi space, the Festival Club is a meeting spot that invites every body to have a good time and to possess the dance floor. Coming up: DJ sets, visuals, texts, poetry and spoken word, and plenty of surprise acts.

Tue 13.11. & Thu 15.11. at 20
Fri 16.11. & Sat 17.11. at 21
Suitable for ages 18 +

Free entrance.

Photo: Angela Goh, Desert Body Creep