You are hereTapahtumia / Cirko Collaboration: 5-3-1 Festival of Contemporary Juggling

1921 Oct 2018

19.-21.10.2017, Cirko - Center for New Circus, Kojehuone (building 8), Suvilahti

The first 5-3-1 Festival of Contemporary Juggling was organized in 1999, which makes it the oldest contemporary circus festival in the Nordic Countries.

Fri 19.10. Co. Circoncentrique: Respire
Respire is trio of poetry and play composed for two friends and a pianist. After a long international tour, this hit show will get its Finnish premiere at the 5-3-1 Festival.

Performance at 19
Running time approx 50 min.
Suitable for ages 7 +

Sat 20.10. Andrea Salustri: Polystyrene Research + Cie Les Apostrophés: Crue
Andrea Salustri is an Italian artist, who has studied contemporary dance and philosophy. At the 5-3-1 Festival, Salustri will perform a choreorgraphy for styrofoam sheets in his piece that centers on material and objects. Martin Schwietzke, the founder and artistic director of the Cie Les Apostrophés company, has made a long career as a contemporary circus artist, whose work has been seen all over the world. Schwietzke will perform a piece starring such materials as chalk, clay, paper and air. The shows will be seen in two performance spaces at the Cirko Center and the audience will walk from one space to another to see both of them.

Performance at 19
Running time approx 55 min.
Suitable for ages 12 +

Sun 21.10. Jugglers’ Matinee
The 5-3-1 Festival traditionally ends with the Jugglers’ Matinee, which features small-scale performances by French, Finnish and Israeli jugglers as well as  members of the internationally renowned Ea Eo Company from Belgium.

Performance at 15
Running time approx 50 min.
Suitable for ages 7 +

17,50 / 22,50 €,

Photo: Laurent Cahu, Circoncentrique