Cirko Season Programme: Sivuhenkilöt - Bone Chamber


Bone Chamber addresses human mortality and our disregard of it. Where does dying begin? We are at the last recycling point before the final stop. The liminal space between the real and the symbolic. The characters on this stage of finality guide their thoughts, one another, as well as their body parts through the frontier. While one wishes that death could be present in the everyday, another attempts to alter the course of time. A third character seeks a way to grieve their pet, and a fourth simply wishes to ski away already.

Bone Chamber combines various expressions of performing arts and considers the seemingly bleak topic of mortality in many ways. There is a constant transition in motion; not unlike sunrise and sunset. The performance finds its form in compositions, simultaneity, and interruptions: in the movements of bones, in unexpected words and emotions, in the traction and balance of life and death. It is like a free fall, confronted with the immanence of death, just when you should not, one is overcome by a fit of laughter.

The language of the performance is Finnish. English synopsis available.

Sivuhenkilöt is an artist group formed in 2016. It comprises seventeen professionals from the fields of theatre, circus and dance. The group is driven by an urge to make meaningful and multidisciplinary performing art.

Tue 14.11. kat 19
Thu 16.11. at 19
Fri 17.11. at 19
Sat 18.11. at 19

Running time 80 min.
Age recommendation 13+

16,50 € / 25 €,

Photo: Teemu Kyytinen, Bone Chamber