Cirko Season Programme: Hands some Feet - Colorsphere


Colorsphere is a captivating contemporary circus performance that’s perfect for both children and their adults. This show blends juggling, acrobatics, physical theater, and an unexpected use of technology to create an unforgettable experience.

Enter the strange and exciting world of Colorsphere, where a group of four explorers interact with playful yet stubborn creatures who keep producing new balls into their habitat. But the world of Colorsphere is shaken when a new, colorful ball appears, disrupting the balance of life and starting an uncontrollable chain of transformation.

This circus adventure is a story about exploration, change, and adapting to new environments. Join the explorers on their expedition into a new reality where they must learn to adjust to unexpected circumstances. Colorsphere takes both young and old spectators on an exciting journey towards completely new dimensions, promising a magical and memorable experience for everyone.

Wed 20.9. at 18 
Thu 21.9. at 18 
Fri 29.9. at 18 

Running time: 45 min.
Age recommendation: 4+

25 € / 16,50 €,

Photo: Hands some Feet, Colorsphere