We Jazz 2018

Kattilahalli, Tiivistämö, Mittarikorjaamo/Huilaamo

WE JAZZ 2018
8.12.2018, Kattilahalli, Voimalaitos (building 1), Tiivistämö (building 5), Mittarikorjaamo/Huilaamo (building 9), Suvilahti

We Jazz is organized this year on 2.-9.12.2018. We Jazz is an event first established in 2013 to present a selection of the best contemporary jazz music. Both foreign and domestic artists spread around Helsinki to perform during this week of concerts.

In Suvilahti on the 8th of December:

Market  / We Jazz DJs w/ friends
At 14-18, Huilaamo (building 9)
The Saturday We Jazz Suvilahti extravaganza will kick-off with a Vinyl Market happening. We Jazz has invited a number of record labels focused on vinyl releases offering a selection of their releases for sale. Find the latest releases, exclusives and other rarities. The We Jazz DJ Collective will offer enjoyable vinyl selections.

Free entry!

Dalindèo Celebrates Komeda, Aki Rissanen Trio
At 18 (doors at 17), Kattilahalli, Voimalaitos (building 1)
The always wonderful Dalindèo celebrates Polish composer Krzysztof Komeda’s (1931-1969) music with fresh arrangements and interpretations from the musical imagination of bandleader Valtteri Laurell Pöyhönen. The performance also features visuals by a Polish video artist group, that tell a story about Komeda’s life and music. The night opens with a performance by the inimitable Aki Rissanen Trio. The age limit for this event is 18.

Starting from 27 €, www.lippu.fi

Timo Lassy Band, Mopocalypse Festival, Kaukolampi: We Jazz Catalogue Remix (01-10), Moskus (NO), Kim Myhr: You | Me (NO/SE), Jonah Parzen-Johnson (US)
At 21 (doors at 20), Tiivistämö (building 5), Mittarikorjaamo/Huilaamo (building 9)
The night at Suvilahti is full of surprises. We all know that Timo Lassy Band is a grade-A ensemble but what we don’t know is what Mopocalypse Festival will offer us. We are talking about a “sub-festival”, a festival inside of a festival. Mopo will perform and everything beyond that is a mystery. The K-X-P frontman Kaukolampi remixes the first ten We Jazz records live and also we’ll have two wonderful Nordic combos to perform: Nordic Music Prize nominee, avantgarde great Kim Myhr and the minimalistic trio Moskus. The Brooklyn-based Jonah Parzen-Johnson arrives to Helsinki giving a taste on his magical way of mixing the sounds of a saxophone together with electronic elements. The age limit for this event is 18.

Starting from 19 €, www.lippu.fi