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Tiivistämö, building 5

Tiivistämö, or the former gasometer room, is one of the original buildings in the Suvilahti area. Ready gas was measured there before storage and consumption. The use of the space remained the same as long as gas was produced in Suvilahti, i.e. until the 1980s.

Tiivistämö offers the latest technical solutions. It was refurbished in 2014. Tiivistämö is a particularly popular venue for the performing arts. In connection to it, there is a garage-style space called Lämpiö, which is well suited for parties and celebrations, but also as a backstage area or a bar. It is also a popular place for photo shoots.

Tiivistämö has 620 square meters of floor space and its maximum capacity is 420 persons. The hall is 350 m2 offering space for up to 300 persons. In addition, the lobby is 124 m2 offering space for up to 120 persons.

The City of Helsinki's Cultural Youth Work Unit is moving to Suvilahti. The activities of Culturearena Gloria will be transferred to Tiivistämö. In the future City of Helsinki will be responsible for renting the event space.

Eventspace rental enquiries from 1.5.2019:

Producer Juha Oinonen, tel. +358 (09) 310 71642, +358 (0)41 512 1797

Producer Janne Friman, tel. +358 (09) 3107 1689, +358 (0)50 559 1798

Producer Tiina Toivonen, tel. +358 (09) 310 71588, +358 (0)41 512 1706

Downloand floorplan (pdf)