Graffiti wall



The graffiti wall in Suvilahti is situated on the southern side of the area. It is open daily around the clock (please note that during big outside events the graffiti wall is closed).

The wall serves partly as a worksite fence and it's shape and length can vary.

You can buy paints from MAKE YOUR MARK Garage/Gallery (Puhdistamo, building 6.)


- Do not paint any other walls than graffiti wall. It is absolutely forbidden to paint any building walls in Suvilahti area, including the Oranssi's Valvomo (building 11).
- Do not paint to the other side of the wall.
- Do not disturb the painter next to you, the wall is for everyone.
- You can paint where ever you want on the wall, but do not overpaint with tags only.
- Take empty paintcans to trash.
- Do not break bottles or glass.
- Let's keep the wall area clean.
- Do not disturb the tenants in the buildings.
- Do not disturb the worksite or block the route of vehicles driving to the worksite.

The wall will be taken down if misuse occur.

The rules for Suvilahti wall also apply to the near Kalasatama graffiti wall.

Photo: Ironlaksuomi / Flickr